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Ranier’s Offers “The Family Advantage”

  • Fewer trips to the pharmacy means more time can be spent with your loved one when you allow Ranier's to fill prescriptions for your entire family (including pets!) as well the hospice patient's non-hospice meds.
  • By having all of the hospice patient’s prescriptions filled at one pharmacy, it allows for a more thorough and extensive drug interaction screening and better medication management.
  • Free delivery is especially advantageous during inclement weather.

Hospice Service Levels

Ranier's 100% Plan:
Hospice utilizes Ranier's 100% without any 3rd party intermediary. Ranier's will provide free delivery, after-hours services, medication reviews, pain/symptom consults and in-services.

Ranier's Preferred PBM Plan:

  1. hospice chooses to utilize a Ranier's preferred pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) such as Delta CareRx, HospiScript, Avacare, Procare, etc.
  2. PBM allows the hospice to utilize Ranier's for all of their prescription needs.
  3. PBM provides the clinical reports and formulary management (per the terms of the PBM contract).
  4. delivery and after-hours charges may apply.

Ranier's Non-Preferred PBM Plan:

  1. hospice chooses to utilize a non-preferred PBM. A non-preferred PBM may be one that utilizes mail-order and uses Ranier's only as a "first-dose" pharmacy.
  2. PBM provides the clinical reports, formulary management and consults.
  3. delivery and after-hours fees are highest in this category.

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